Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bronx Excitement to be part of the National IV Community and Progress

Hello All,
My name is Doug Becht and I am the clinical coordinator for Citizens Advice Bureau, who is contracted by NYC DHS to provide services to the street homeless in the Bronx. We started conducting the Vulnerability Survey at the beginning of June 2008 with Becky and have conducted just over 200 surveys during that period of time. We find the survey very useful, but continue to grow in our understanding of how to best utilize it. Like all of you, we view the survey as a leading tool in measuring the immediacy of services needed for an individual.
It is extremely exciting to be part of a larger community that is embracing this population and the survey. Often in our busy day-to-day grind we develop tunnel vision, only seeing the work that is happening in our neck of the woods. It is not only encouraging, but validating to see and hear about the great work and placements going on in the rest of the country in places such as New Orleans, Nashville and Skid Row to name just a few places.
Although I am not currently posting any questions or advice, Becky asked that I post some of our statistics that I have previously prepared for other meetings. Being the numbers person that I am, I was more than enthusiastic to post them. I hope these numbers are of some interest:

Out of the 203 surveys conducted since June 1st, 106 surveys scored at least a score of 1.
-46 of those individuals have been placed into housing, with 23 of them in permanent housing and 23 of them into transitional housing for individuals homeless over 1 year.

Bronx Most Vulnerable 47- Clients scoring a 2 or higher on the Vulnerability Scale

Current Dispositions:
-Clients who are in permanent placements: 13
-Clients who are in temporary housing: 11
-Clients who are in the Living Room (Drop-In Center): 3
-Clients that have passed away: 3
-Clients in other placements (i.e. HASA and Rehab): 2
-Clients on the street: 6
-Clients off of our radar: 11

Interesting Facts:
-33 out of the 47 clients are or have been on the caseload of the outreach team or the drop in center.
-27 of the 44 clients still alive, are known to be placed inside at the current time

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