Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Elizabeth - A Santa Monica Service Registry Success

Elizabeth, a 68 year-old woman who was homeless in Santa Monica for over 10 years, is one of the people on Santa Monica's Service Registry. Last winter Elizabeth was surveyed and found to be vulnerable and likely to die on our streets unless she was housed. Six months ago, OPCC Daybreak staff helped Elizabeth move into her own apartment in Santa Monica. Today she’s living on her own, part of a micro-enterprise art project, is an active member of a senior center and stays connected to the strong Daybreak community.

One hundred and thirty (130) people are on Santa Monica's Registry. By March 2009:

20 (15%) of the 130 are permanently housed
37 (28%) of the 130 are residing in temporary shelter

To learn more about Santa Moncia's approach, go to

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